Ascot Composite Wood Garden Rooms

Price List


The Ascot composite wood garden room is our most popular design, full width glass with a pair of french doors and side lights, 60 cm overhanging roof to the front..

The flat roof is fully insulated and covered in a EPDM rubber one piece roof. The Ascot room is similar to its sister (the Windsor) but has the addition of an overhanging roof. The Ascot comes with a pair of doors and side screens as standard, or for a small upgrade it can be supplied Bi-folding doors or Patio doors. Additional side or rear windows  can be added if required.  


                                 Width:       3322mm         4871mm              6420mm       Depth

2333mm        supply  only         £9,581          £12,417                £15,051

                       Fully installed     £11,850          £15,515               £18,760

3322               supply  only         £11,301         £13,729              £16,067

                       Fully installed      £13,933         £17,103               £19,918

4000             supply only           £13,560        £15,978             £18,832

                      Fully installed       £16,537        £19,649             £23,099

shown with optional  walls/door/window

Ascot Composite Wood Garden Rooms are supplied and installed onto an existing base, we can also offer a fully installed ground screw decking base in addition to the costs detailed above.