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should I rent a traditional office or buy a home office ?

Garden Office

Garden Office

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is this you?

working at home-you need a garden office
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  • Are you working from home on the kitchen table, or squashed in the corner of the lounge?  

  • Do you need more room in your home office to function properly?

  • Have you thought of having a garden office, fully insulated for all year round use? are garden office suppliers we have a range of smart garden offices in 5 modular sizes, 4 styles and a choice of 4 finishes 

Are you self employed, do you rent office space ? - then why waste your hard earned money paying rent and rates when you can invest in a home garden office building. We supply (and install if required) your very own office space, complete with desk, chair and filing cabinet if required. have contempory garden offices to suit all sizes and styles of business, from a sole trader to a small team with a meeting room we can help you.  We can even take care of the I.T. and install broadband into your office along with the power supply. Our garden rooms are fully insulated for all year round use, and with the addition of a heat pump air con unit you can have a cool garden office all year round.

Say good buy to rent and rates, and enjoy your own office in the garden starting from around £44 a week ! 

- monthly payments - based on Ascot 3.2x2.4 self errect.

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