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we all like a short film, the videos below show some of our garden builds in a minute or two !

The Large Gym and Garden Room 

The client wanted to have a large room to use as a gym at the bottom of his garden ( well the top of the garden as the whole garden slopes up !)

We talked about design and came up with a few options, the first design was proposed to be built on elevated ground screws, with steps leading into the room. In the final design the rear of the garden was dug out, and a new flat area created with timber retaining walls, this gave the client an advantage as the room was now being "sunk" into the ground at the rear. This was a great help as the room measures 3mts high, rather than the normal 2.5mts.

We were interviewed recently on River Radio.Live  a local Marlow radio station. Andrea MacLeod interviews David Price on her program "On the Job" which go's out live on Tuesdays between 1pm and 2pm. Every week Andrea interviews a different local business and learns "on the job" how they produce their product, and gets her hands dirty doing so ! were interviewed on 12th October and you can listen again here :

on the job.jpg

The Wentworth Garden Room 

The client had an old trampoline with a raised deck area surrounding it and the children had grown out of it. Our brief was to remove all the top deck area, and clear all the rubbish away.

Then with a clean start we could insert our ground screws, and build a new solid timber base to support the composite wood garden room.


Our client choose the "Wentworth" room, with wide french doors and side screens, and small return walls on the front, they upgraded the room to include two rear windows and a large mirror fixed to the wall. After we built the room, we then adapted the existing two level decking around the room, leaving the finished room looking as if it had always been there !

The Farnham Garden Room 

This client had an old deck area in the corner of the garden, they removed all the old deck boards and joists, leaving us with a clear space to install our ground screws and timber base to support the composite wood garden room.

Our client choose the "Farnham" room, with wide french doors and side screens and part solid wall on the front, and part glazed on the side. They upgraded the room to include an air condition unit to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. After we built the room, we then supplied and installed a large area of matching composite wood decking including a small step.

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