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Ascot Show Sites Wanted

Are you looking for a new garden room, or home garden office maybe ? 


As a small local company based near High Wycombe we are keen to supply and install some local show sites. In return for having a fully installed garden room in your garden at a discounted price we ask in return for permission to take pictures and videos during installation, and afterwards, plus have sign boards outside your property before,during and after the install. Allow us to feature your new garden room on our website, and future advertising, Plus ask you to show your garden room off to friends, family and from time to time potential clients of ours. 


The Ascot Show Site Deal

Ascot Garden Room 3.3 x 2.3 

Site Installation onto your existing base

Normal Price £10,742.00

Total Show Site Deal £8,750.00 inc VAT

extras needed : power, light, heat & floor covering

- all other sizes/styles can be supplied as a show  site deal - please call for details-

Call 01494 706 806 for further details

please note, this is a limited time offer - first come first served

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