Windsor Composite Wood Garden Rooms

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The Windsor composite wood garden room has simple clean lines, each room comes with non projecting contemporary style roof. 

The flat roof is fully insulated and covered in a EPDM rubber one piece roof. The Windsor room comes with a pair of doors and side screens as standard, or for a small upgrade it can be supplied with a pair of doors and side wings. Additional side or rear windows  can be added if required.  


                                 Width:       3322mm         4871mm              6420mm        


2333mm        supply  only         £8,810           £11,361               £12,724

                       Fully installed     £10,971           £14,312               £17,257

3322               supply  only         £10,448           £12,611              £14,711

                       Fully installed      £12,955           £15,824              £18,360

shown with optional side wings

Windsor Composite Wood Garden Rooms are supplied and installed onto an existing base, we can also offer a fully installed ground screw decking base in addition to the costs detailed above. 

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we are a local company based in the High Wycombe  HP10  with a passion for helping you create your garden room, with no showroom to upkeep we keep our overheads down, we come to you with samples and design your garden room at your house. 

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